With the advent of digital TV antenna systems have increased in popularity. Dozens of free channels offer a wide selection of programming, enabling you to "cut the cord" on cable or satellite. Whether you need roof mount, cable mount, or free standing tower.

  • Tower-Concreted 4ft down, the can extend from 30ft to 60ft. no attachment to the home at all, and they last forever.
  • Tripod for shingle roofs
  • Gable for metal or if customer does not want holes in the roof.

Everything mounted to the roof is sealed with a specialized tar tape. We always run new cable strait from the antenna inside the home. Aside from a normal single antenna system we can also install a dual system, merging signals from towers in different locations for maximum channels. (depending on your location)


Get the programming you want or expand an existing system. Satellite Internet can be the perfect solution for rural areas. Get blazing internet speeds

Keep your family and property safe. Protection has never been easier. Find just the right level of security to fit you lifestyle and budget. Typical systems consist of:

  • window/door sensors.
  • internal siren.
  • auto dial out to police or certain individual.
  • glass break sensors.
  • motion detectors.
  • motion lighting.

Security cameras can augment the basic system, there are a variety of capabilities available including:

  • Wireless or wired
  • DVR (view at home only), an NVR (cloud based/remote monitoring), or both. memory space, from 1TB up to 16 TB.
  • Picture Quality based on mega pixels - typically ranging from 1.3MP up to 12MP.
  • Field of view and zoom.
    • Fixed lens give you a fixed field of view.
    • Varifocal lens allows you to zoom from 5x zoom to 30x zoom in manual or motorized zoom.

Longwire Tech has the expertise to install a system tailored to your needs.

Home theater systems
Design your perfect system - whether it's basic or has all the bells and whistles. Longwire Tech has installed hundreds of systems.  Enjoy the theater experience in your home. While every theater system is different, here are some of the components you may wish to consider in your design:

  • TV mounts with or without soundbars/subwoofers.
  • Projection screen / projector.
  • In wall audio.
  • External mounted audio.
  • Full surround sound.
  • Subwoofers.
  • Remote control RF.
  • Whole home audio.

Just need your new television wall mounted? No problem. We can mount a TV in any place. Do you have an unfinished space in your home? Working with our contractors we can design and create the full theater room experience. No matter your needs, rest assured that Longwire Tech will deliver a quality finished look - without exposed wires or cords.

Cabling services

  • data networking (cat5 cat6 etc..)
  • commercial and residential / fiber optic.
  • coaxial cabling.
  • phone lines.
  • any and all cabling.

New Construction or existing, we can install any cable you may need.

Home automation
Smart home tech, control everything from your phone, tablet, or pc. Garage door openers, window/door sensors, motion detection, glass break, water leak sensors, water main shut off, smoke detectors, thermostats, video door bells, door locks, lighting, power outlets, we can install anything on the market.

These two men were very professional. Explained to me everything they were going to do. They actually saved me money in the installation by there recommendations. Would recommend them hands down. Also told me how to send my previous cable company equipment back. Extremely pleased.
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